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Your Eye Examination

Vision exams for glasses are about more than just seeing clearly. Nearly every aspect of your daily life depends on the efficient, coordinated functioning of your visual system.  Headaches, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and eye pain can all result from inadequate visual correction. Be proactive about your preventative health care and schedule an appointment for your yearly eye exam today.

During your comprehensive eye exam, we provide a multitude of benefits in addition to a precise glasses prescription. We are proud to include the following personalized services during each exam:

  • Offer recommendations for how you can optimize and protect your vision.
  • Identify any unique risks you may have and recommend a plan for addressing them.
  • Detect eye diseases, such as glaucoma or cataracts, and initiate treatment or specialist consultations as needed. Early diagnosis can help prevent future vision loss.
  • Offer customized eye care by taking your personal and family health history, as well as your lifestyle, into consideration when making our recommendations.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

We take pride in giving each patient a thorough comprehensive eye exam while utilizing the latest diagnostic technology.  Determining the best prescription for your vision is only the beginning. We also include the following services during each exam:

  • We check your peripheral vision and muscle balance.
  • We examine your eyes for early signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, and other diseases that can affect your vision.
  • We provide either a picture of the back of the eye or dilation with eye drops to reveal any abnormalities of the retina and other internal eye structures.
  • For contact lens patients, we conduct additional tests to determine the curvature of your corneas so that we can optimize the fit and comfort of your lenses.

At the conclusion of your exam, you will receive a written prescription with recommendations for types of spectacle or contact lenses that best meet your personal visual needs. Remember that poor eyesight can be dangerous. Ensure that you meet the legal vision requirements for driving by scheduling an exam with one of our doctors today.  Because we provide professional services only and do not profit from eyewear sales, our only priority is you.  We focus solely on your eye health and vision, placing the well-being of each patient first in everything we do.

Annual Eye Exams

No matter what your vision or ocular condition is, Dr. Kiernan & Associates is experienced and equipped to provide you with professional, quality care. We offer the highest standard of eye care for you and your family. Our services go far beyond writing a prescription. You should never underestimate your visual health and the impact it can have on your entire body. Here are five reasons to schedule your annual eye examination today:

  • Eye exams can detect signs of potentially blinding conditions, such as glaucoma, and early detection increases the chance of successful treatment.
  • Eye examinations often detect a number of other underlying health problems, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • An examination checks whether corrective eyewear, like glasses or contacts, is needed.
  • 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem.
  • Poor eyesight is dangerous. Make sure that you meet the legal requirement for driving.
  • Come in and see what you’ve been missing today!