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5 star ratingI've had poor vision for 40 years and Dr. Kiernan is the BEST eye doctor I have ever had, hands down. She's efficient but truly works to dial in the best Rx. I've been seeing her for years and although my vision consistently worsens she is committed to giving me the best distance and up close vision possible. The office is always spotless and the equipment gleams. Tammy out front is a whiz managing the constant flow of patients with quickness and kindness. My annual visit is the one medical exam I never dread.

Don't be put off by this office being part of Walmart and make the mistake of thinking it's low-end. Dr. Kiernan and her staff provide amazing care at affordable prices.

Suzanne Avatar Suzanne

5 star ratingAnd we are not the only ones who now hold Dr. Cynthia Kiernan in high esteem--after having read all the reviews on this page.  Best eye exam ever and you want to know what is going on with your eyes, your prescription, anything at all?, Dr. Kiernan takes the time to explain in detail.  Never have I been so well informed!  This is crazy but I always hate that part "Which is better...lens number 1 or 2?"  I put so much pressure on myself to hopefully give the right answer but Cynthia Kiernan takes the time to make sure that one might be better than the other!   The staff members are absolutely wonderful and we can't be any happier that we decided to see Dr. Kiernan for our exams.  Sorry we hadn't found her sooner but she has us for life now!

Chris Avatar Chris

5 star ratingI just had my eye exam. Dr. Kiernan and her staff are so wonderful. I wish I would have remembered the other girl's name who helped me out but she has the best red colored hair!

    This is my second year going here. They all are very friendly, informative, attentive, and just good vibes! They make you feel comfortable and listened to. You can tell through their interactions with their patients that they truly care.

    They take appointments and accept walk-ins (during certain hours, so call beforehand to find out times) if you don't mind waiting longer. Which is amazing cause I'm bad at making appointments and my schedule is hard to work around sometimes.

    Luckily I was in and out within an hour without an appointment!

    Dr. Kiernan is precise, fast, and helps me to find the best option in contacts that works for me and my lifestyle, which I really appreciate.

    Really happy and grateful for this business. Keep being so wonderful and positive ladies!!

     Peace, Love and Light - Brittany

Brittany Avatar Brittany

5 star ratingDr Kiernan is wonderful.  Very thorough.  She listens to all of your concerns. She walks you through your options.  Explains everything in detail and makes sure all is understood.    The staff is great they make you feel welcomed.

Colleen Avatar Colleen

5 star ratingDr. Kiernan and her staff are an amazing team. I have seen Dr. Kiernan for years. I am a challenging patient as I need precise contacts and glasses for many different uses... progressive glasses, computer glasses, driving glasses with contacts, contacts for every day and glasses with my contacts for driving. She takes her time to help me see my best in all circumstances. I went to many clinics before finding her. She has been a blessing to me in my daily and professional life. She cares for her patients. Her staff is just as caring. To say I appreciate them so much doesn't express my feelings enough. If you need help with your vision, I urge you to make your appointment today with Dr. Kiernan.  Best...

Mona Avatar Mona

5 star ratingAwesome place to get new contacts! Amazing staff! Would love a chance to show them how my fiancé and I could serve them through our own small business!!

Michael Avatar Michael

5 star ratingDr. Kiernan is my favorite eye doctor in town. I've been under her care for several years, and she has taken the extra time to make sure I have the best care possible. Being a diabetic, I have to really watch my eyes, and having her on my team makes me very confident. Great staff, clean, fast, and very reasonable prices.

Michael Avatar Michael

5 star ratingI was in Vegas over 4th of July weekend, and for some odd reason, I woke up with a scratched eye that was red and sensitive to light. I thought "Oh no, don't want to be in Vegas with a bad eye!" So I took to Yelp to find an optometrist that was open that Monday, July 3rd (Being that Tuesday was July 4th, many businesses in/around Vegas decided to close on the 3rd.) Thank God I found Dr Kiernan's office was available and open to walk-ins on the 3rd.

I walked into the office, and since I am from out of state, apparently my eye insurance wasn't accepted here. I will say that I thought the consultation fee of $75 appeared steep to me, considering I've travelled elsewhere around the country where the same fee was under $40. At any rate,  I was able to sign up as a walk-in, and being that it was a busy day, it took around 75 minutes to get attended.

Dr Kiernan was not only highly knowledgeable, but broke down everything in easy to understand terms, what was causing my situation, but also took it upon herself to give me her cell phone number to text her in case my situation got worse over the holiday the next day, since they were going to be closed. She prescribed me a steroid solution (eye drops) that I was to take every couple hours for a week. Given that I did not have insurance that was accepted at the Walmart, Dr Kiernan had me download and install the GoodRX app right then and there, explained to me that the app negotiates special prices on prescription medication, which comes in clutch if you don't have insurance, and sure enough, was able to download a coupon that made the eye drops she prescribed very cheap (~ 40% discount from retail cost.)

Dr. Kiernan honestly seemed concerned, and highly knowledgeable as to what she was doing and saying. I greatly appreciate her and her help, even though it was a pricey consultation, I couldn't get the prescription eye drops without that consultation. You get what you pay for, and she was well worth the $75 consultation fee (assuming you aren't insured.)

If I lived in Vegas, I'd definitely keep her as my go-to optometrist!

Jones Avatar Jones

5 star ratingLoved my experience here. Dr. Kiernan is so patient and friendly. Her staff is also very kind and helpful. I was unable to find a contact brand I liked, but instead of getting frustrated with me, both Dr and her staff were very understanding and kind. It also helps that she is super hot!

John Avatar John

5 star ratingDr. K is simply professional,  caring, kind, and knowledgeable!  Always a great experience and her staff is so friendly and helpful as well! Highly recommend!

William Avatar William

5 star ratingI made an appointment for an eye exam yesterday and was fortunate enough to get in the next day. I was greeted with a friendly and informative staff, my wait time was minimal and my Dr. was beyond thorough and patient. I have been to several optometrists and I ended up in this office in an emergency situation and I have been a patient ever since. What I don't like is the kind of clientele that walks in without an appointment and is upset that they can't get in. Make no mistake, this is an optometrists practice not to be confused with an on demand UMC. If you do your due diligence and make an appointment( as you should) then you will experience nothing short of a well balanced, clear cut and more than sufficient experience here.

Mallory Avatar Mallory

4 star ratingVery professional. Excellent care. Very busy. Would recommend making appt.  great for contacts & glasses Rx

Teri Avatar Teri

5 star ratingI get my eyes checked every two years and this was my third time coming here in six years. The staff is great and the doctor is so friendly. They make me feel very welcome and I know I'm getting great vision care.  I called on Thursday to schedule an appointment and they were able to fit me in the next day which was great because I needed a new prescription. As long as I live in Las Vegas, I will continue to come here for my vision care.

Thida Avatar Thida

5 star ratingI have been seeing Dr. Kiernan for over a decade. I absolutely love her (and the girls she has working for her).  Although she does not accept our vision plan, I prefer to pay out of pocket for the care I receive. I wear both glasses and contacts, she has taken such care to make sure I am 100% satisfied before I order my contacts (this has required me to return to the office - which I am okay with). While waiting to be seen, I have had the opportunity to observe her staff - they are always professional, polite and accommodating. I have referred her to many people and will continue to do so.

Highly recommended!

Kelly Avatar Kelly

5 star ratingI recently had the opportunity to visit Dr. Kiernan and she was able to recommend a solution that allows me to see clearly both near and far. Now I don't need to switch  between readers and distance glasses! 🙂

Vegas Avatar Vegas

4 star ratingI haven't been here since 2010. Everyone in the office was pleasant and patient. They were so good, I didn't even notice I was there an hour. To be clear, I was there for an hour because of me, I needed more testing done. On that note, they didn't let me leave until they thoroughly tested me properly. My eyes weren't doing so well this time and they took the time to make sure I didn't need to be referred to a specialist.

It's unusual in my experience to have everyone in a "Doctor office setting" to be in sync. The staff was exceptionally kind and knew what they were doing. My Eye doctor Dr. Wells made it a pleasant experience for me.... Even when she had to look under my eye lids!

I appreciate when a doctor visit is personal and I feel like I actually have a name.  

Great eye appointment! I would highly recommend this Optometrist facility!


Carla Avatar Carla

5 star ratingVery helpful and accommodation staff and doctor.  Everyone was so nice and Dr Kiernan is very competent.

I thought I had an eye infection, turns out I have cataracts in both eyes.  Dr. K. took pictures and explained to me in detail what was going on.  She made me feel comfortable and removed my anxiety.

Katie Avatar Katie

5 star ratingDr Kiernan and her staff are phenomenal. I've been seeing her (no pun intended, of course) for several years now and have had nothing but fantastic experiences.

She is very professional, super nice and very thorough. Makes going to the eye doctor a very pleasant experience and I appreciate it.

Wendy Avatar Wendy

5 star ratingExceeds highest expectations...and at low cost. Viewing reviews on Angies List and Yelp and narrowing my finalists to 4 optometrists, I called each OPs office and asked the price of an eye exam plus fitting for glasses and contacts. Dr. Kiernan's was least expensive; compared to the most expensive OP...$100 less! Cheery, spotless office with a Walmart Doctor of the Year award hanging near her diplomas, great staff. As of 2011, she's been in same location for 13 years. I spent over 2 hours in the office and Dr. Kiernan never made me feel rushed or annoying for taking so long. She was very thorough and careful with my eye exam, checking for glaucoma, cataracts, etc. I wanted a prescription for bifocal glasses, multifocal glasses, mono vision contacts, and to try toric and multifocal lenses. No problem, she took it all in stride.  I tried about 8 different contact lenses and have a new size in one on order to try. Dr. Kiernan diligently helped me find what was best for me, never pressuring as some OPs do, to purchase eyeware that profits the establishment. Dr. Kiernan is intelligent, knowledgeable, dedicated, attentive and careful. She washed her hands prior to each time she touched my eyelids. Oh, and did I mention her 3" stiletto heels reveal her fun side and shows she understands the desire to look good?

Pam Avatar Pam

5 star ratingDr. Kiernan is excellent. She is the best eye doctor ever!!! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Paul Avatar Paul

Dr. Kiernan and her staff are an amazing team. I have seen Dr. Kiernan for years. I am a challenging patient as I need precise contacts and glasses for many different uses... progressive glasses, computer glasses, driving glasses with contacts, contacts for every day and glasses with my contacts for driving. She takes her time to help me see my best in all circumstances. I went to many clinics before finding her. She has been a blessing to me in my daily and professional life. She cares for her patients. Her staff is just as caring. To say I appreciate them so much doesn’t express my feelings enough. If you need help with your vision, I urge you to make your appointment today with Dr. Kiernan.

Mona Avatar Mona

Dr Kiernan is very thorough. My exam was explained completely in detail. I haven’t wore contacts in a long time and with the variety of types she would find the ones tailored for my comfort and needs. A very good experience.

Roger Avatar Roger

Dr. Kiernan has been my optometrist for many years, having worn glasses and contacts for almost 4 decades, I have seen many eye doctors, and she is by far the best! She has treated me for everything from annual eye exams and contact prescriptions, to diagnosing and treating a corneal abrasion I had a few years ago. Knowledgeable, thorough, and caring, her practice is very busy owing to her popularity with her patients, but even when busy, she smoothly and professionally provides top-notch personalized care. I give her my strongest professional recommendation!

Joe Avatar Joe

Had a great experience with both Dr. Kiernan and her staff. Very professional, helpful, and friendly. I recommend her to my family and anyone who asks.

bootintheass Avatar bootintheass

Been a patient of Dr Kiernan 8+ years and in my opinion, she and her staff are the best. Very professional, friendly and truly care about each & every patient.

Highly recommend & five ?'s are not enough.

Sherry Avatar Sherry

Fantastic visit. The whole office is very professional and on time. I would absolutely refer friends and family to this office.

M Avatar M

I saw Dr. Kimberly Shirashi at the office, and this office really does care about you as a person and a patient. I was nervous about seeing someone for my first contacts and glasses prescriptions, but the proess was simple and affordable.

Each step of the way I was informed what was going to happen and when. The Doctors were great, but the staff members were also very helpful, including the training on how to put contacts in and out.

When I had an issue with the type of contacts I was using, I was helped out with a new type of lens that worked out perfectly. Diane who did my lens training also re-fit my glasses which worked out so well.

I will be recommending this office to anyone, but especially if you are getting glasses/contacts for the first time.

Michael Avatar Michael

Always a great experience with this doctor. I have referred several people to her. She is so professional and so friendly, I felt like a person and not a number.. so if you have been going to Sam's club in the same parking lot.. STOP IMMEDIATELY and switch to this wonderful doctor.

rene Avatar rene

I’ve been going to this eye office for 3 years now. Their very friendly at the front desk and the eye dr.’s are great. During the exam they make you feel comfortable and take time to answer all your questions and concerns.I love it so much I highly recommend this place!

JoanneL Avatar JoanneL

I was a walk in. Was seen in an hour. Dr. Kiernan was polite, knowledge and professional. She got me to a specialist on the same day to correct my eye. Been going there 2 years and I'm never disappointed with my care.

Penny Avatar Penny